Department’s Mission

The Department’scurriculum covers the subject of education and care of infants and preschool aged children (from birth to the age of compulsory education), while focuses on the contact and family support.

The mission of the Department is to promote the creation, development and dissemination of knowledge in sciences of early childhood education and care of infants and preschool aged children through teaching and applied research.

Also, harmoniously combining theory with practice, aims to create educators who will have the necessary scientific knowledge and skills that are an essential infrastructure for their scientific identity and excellent professional training at all levels and styles of their career (be able, on one hand, to respond effectively to the needs of children who will have to care for and educate, as well as the needs of their families and on the other, to take decisions and undertake leadership positions in preschool education).

As part of its mission, the Department:

  • Monitors international developments in sciences and the education sector by participating, and organizing conferences, symposiums and workshops.

  • Develops international partnerships with higher education institutions in the country and abroad by participating in research and training programs and by inviting experts for lectures.

  • Collaborates with Day Care Centers and other entities related to the cognitive subject of the Department.

  • Uses modern technologies and teaching aids in education.

  • Conducts research.

  • Prepares students for developing their competencies and skills that will enable them to compete at national and international level.

  • Prepares itself to be receptive to change, according to the changing educational, economic and social conditions in local, regional, national and international environment.

  • Prepares for ensuring a continuous improvement of its educational quality.

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