Business rights
Career prospects for graduates

Graduates of the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education, based on their scientific and technological knowledge, can work either independently or in collaboration with other scientists in the following areas:

  • the study, organization and function of spaces for infants and preschoolers
  • theoretical and applied teaching courses of their expertise
  • planning, organization and application of educational programs and activities for the complete development and education of infants and preschoolers
  • support and provide services for families and the community through the development of appropriate support programs and cooperation
  • research programs concerning the development and implementation of innovations in care and treatment of infants and preschoolers
  • any other activity which is in line with the subject of specialization, as a result of the evolution of pedagogy, specifically the applied pedagogy in infants and preschool children

Business rights

Graduates of the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education have the right to work either as members in Centers for Infants and Children and nurseries of the private and public sector outside the educational centers of competence of Ministry of Education (kindergarten), either as self-employed to the following objects and activities:
  • Treatment and care of preschool children from the age of two months until their enrollment in elementary school
  • Establishment and operation of childcare facilities
  • Exercise any other occupation that appears in the subject of specialization, the evolution of pedagogy in general and the Early Childhood sector in particular, according to the settings of each existing legislation
  • Evolve throughout the range of the administrative hierarchy of related areas of specialization according to the applicable legislation
  • Employment in Education (vocational senior high school, colleges, vocational training institutes) in accordance with current legislation
  • Participation as members to research groups in the field of specialization
  • Work in all countries of the European Union
  • Admission to universities in Greece, Europe and the U.S. for postgraduate and doctorate studies
  • Studying in ASPAITE (School of Pedagogical and Technological Education)
  • Participation in a qualifying exam for admission to all sections of Technological Educational Institutes and Universities

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